Nepal’s Rekha Thapa Brings New Look To The Maoist Party

December 3, 2010 at 4:16 pm

Rekha Thapa who is known as a sex symbol in her country Nepal is said to have become a part of the Maoist party.

This hot and beautiful lady has many controversies attached to her because of her scanty outfits and backless blouses. She is said to have become the new weapon of the Maoists to bring publicity in order to improve their public image.

In 2009, after joining the party she has been a major attraction of the party for her ability to pull crowds and she did that by dancing with a Maoist chief along with the ex- prime minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda in November last year in front of the media and the PM’s wife Sita Dahal.

Rekha has reportedly signed a movie, the director of which is said to be close to the Maoists. A film critic from Nepal, Bishnu Gautam said, “There are few celebrities flocking to the Maoists. The former rebels want to endear themselves to the masses, to bury their earlier image of violence and bloodshed. The presence of artistes, especially someone considered to be the reigning actor, would definitely enhance their public image.”

Regarding Rekha joining the red party Gautam said, “It’s more likely due to vested interests. Her husband is a film distributor and joining the Maoists is one way of ensuring his business goes unhindered. In the past, many Nepali stars flocked to the palace, when it was the source of power. But now that monarchy has been abolished, some of them went over to the Maoists. But if monarchy is ever restored, they are likely to abandon the Maoists and curry favour with the new dispensation.”


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